Chicken & Rice is Nice!

Commerce School Nutrition would like to apologize for creating the impression that our upcoming Chicken Casserole Day on Thursday, March 31st is open to parents, families and the public. It is for students only as part of their regular School Lunch on that day. Sorry, we are simply unable handle the volume or security arrangements involved in opening the event up to family members. We appreciate your understanding and support.
Everybody knows that Commerce City Schools favorite lunch is our famous Chicken and Rice Casserole. We are proud to announce the CHICKEN AND RICE CASSEROLE CASCADE on Thursday March 31st where chicken and rice casserole will be served at all four schools for lunch and include a special dessert treat.  Which school will serve the most casserole? Come out and support your school Cafeteria and push them to victory while enjoying your favorite school entrĂ©e and a free dessert treat to boot. Thanks for your support and see you on the 31st.