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Welcome to Commerce Primary School

Welcome to another exciting year of learning at Commerce Primary! As the 
2014-2015 school year gets underway, I look forward to all the learning and 
new experiences we will be sharing together. It is our wish that you will feel 
wanted and welcome at Commerce Primary School and that you will 
become involved in some of the many opportunities available to you while 
your child is a student here. 

At Commerce Primary School, our mission is: Promoting, Aspiring, and 
Working toward Success. (PAWS) We are a Title I school and we realize 
that all of our students have different needs and learning styles. We seek to 
address those needs in the most appropriate way for each child. In addition 
to that we will do everything in our power to foster a genuine love for 
learning in our students. We have wonderful teachers and staff who are 
dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students at Commerce 
Primary School. If we work together we will accomplish our goals! 

We hope you will find our website helpful. It should provide you with a 
wealth of school information to help you throughout the year. You will also 
be able to find us on Facebook. 

Thank you for everything you do to support us with your child’s learning. 
Best wishes for a successful year full of teaching and learning at CPS. 

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